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Please respond with a paragraph to the following post, add citations and references.
The best type of resreach study would investigate/use both qualitative and quantitative metjods. Mixed methods research refers to those studies or lines of inquiry that integrate one or more qualitative and quantitative techniques for data collection and/or analysis. Qualitative data collection methods, such as interviews, focus groups, or participant observation, are now almost routinely used as exploratory phases of subsequent, more quantitative surveys in health care.They have great potential for exploring new topics or familiarizing research teams with a new area. They may also assist in theory building, especially when methods aggregating qualitative studies are utilized.Qualitative data collection techniques are also used broadly when patients’ or providers’ narratives or their lived experience are sought. Whereas quantitative methods may work best in isolating and identifying the correlates associated with variation at specific moments in time, qualitative techniques are particularly good at gaining insight into the processes and events that lead up to the observed variationand have the key advantage of providing unexpected insights. Our picot statement and literature review had us look at both types to research the issue. I think both types are necessary to help solve a research problem.

Grove, S. K. Gray, J. R., and Burns, N. (2015). Understanding Nursing Research, 6th Edition. [Pageburstl]. Retrieved from
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