vacancies on the supreme court

These questions are based from the book The Brethren, which I have attached. Please be sure to open EVERY attachment, to ensure the success of this paper. The documents include thorough directions, a rubric, and both passages from the book. Please answer each questions fully and with supporting details. NO DIRECT QUOTES.

1.Vacancies on the Supreme court can occur for many reasons. Describe a vacancy in The Brethren that occurs for internal or personal reasons. [One paragraph]. Describe a vacancy that occurs due to political reasons. [One paragraph]. What were some reasons for why certain people were not able to fill these vacancies? [One paragraph]. Why is a vacancy important to all branches of the national government and how does it relate to this course? [Two paragraphs].

(2) The Brethren begins with the end of Chief Justice Warren’s time at the Supreme Court and the hunt for a new Chief Justice. Ultimately, Warren Burger was selected for the position. What qualities did Nixon like about Warren Burger which led Nixon to choose Burger as the next Chief Justice? [One paragraph with examples]. Based on your reading of the book, what were some personal qualities of Chief Justice Burger that made him a good leader and what were some personal qualities that led him into contention with other justices? [Two paragraphs using examples from book to justify your claim]. What should Chief Justice Burger do in order to overcome the contentions he develops with other Justices? [One paragraph].


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