Investors who want to review a firm’s financial performance can use financial ratios to provide them with valuable information and key insights into how a firm compares to other firms in its industry on liquidity, amount of debt, profitability, and overall business activity (Nickels, McHugh, 2013, pg. 482). Sound financial analysis of a company is important for the companies personal benefit as well as outsiders looking in, and starts once that company’s accounting financial statements are complete. Ratios can differ from industry to industry based on the type of business. In Neckels, McHugh (2013) Understanding Business, there is a quick reference of different accounts held within the balance sheet and income statement of any given company (figure 17.9). Differences are guaranteed, as every business has their own goal and types of services. For instance, an eat-in restaurant may have an “entertainment” and “donations” account compared to a plant nursery, while the nursery may have a “cost of storing goods” and “travel expense” account within their income statement. Though the differences, all companies are likely have the 4 key ratios (liquidity, leverage, profitability, and activity) to measure their financial performance and provide sound analysis for investors and other outsiders interested in their financial performance.

Answer question Week 6 Business Fundmentals


What is the most important ratio?

Week 6 POM


One way to build trust in your organization is to talk about fear and trust as business topics. We have been trained not to talk about our fears. If there is a high level of fear in your organization already, employees may bite their lips rather than tell the truth about your toxic culture even when the topic appears on a meeting agenda.

Another way to build trust is to step away from the philosophy of blaming and shaming employees for mistakes.

Also, build trust by being a role model appropriate leader, and get your fellow leaders to do the same thing.

Last, admit when the company makes mistakes, or when you personally make a mistake. It shows that you’re human.

Make sure to ask other employees how they’re doing, what they think and what they’d like to see at work — all the time.


Ten Ways To Build Trust On Your Team



It is always difficult for anyone that is new to a team to gain trust unless someone in the team can vouch for the new members’ character. So in order for them to gain the trust of the team they will first have to observe the chemistry of the team and not try to overpower any plans or conversations. What I mean by this is that the newest member has to fulfill their given tasks to the upmost satisfaction of the team. In general all team members are willing to give anyone a chance because the addition of a new member only helps the team by delegating some of the task to the new member. In order for a team to progress in any environment there needs to be trust between all members otherwise it would be a group of individuals. Most times new members are able to build trust by sharing personal habits or hobbies with the other members. They share their personal experiences that may assist the team resolve any issues at hand. The information that is shared between the members will create trust and the members will understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses. This will build cooperation and the information will flow more freely which leads to full potential of the team. When the new member starts to feel comfortable and safe that’s when they will take appropriate risks and expose their vulnerabilities. It is when the new member is displaying collaboration and productivity is observed than the new member has full trust from the team. The new member will be more creative when they feel trusted by the team and will help the team attain its goals. One way to build trust is by hanging out after work or going out to lunch where members can get to know each other more personally and hold conversations other than work. The best way to earn trust is for someone to share their own values and respect the values of others. It is important to be seen as a human being in order for anyone to build and earn trust. Holding team meetings and small discussions will help build trust and break down any barriers for everyone. In general people have to want to earn trust in order to be able to gain trust, especially joining a new team the member has to do want is asked of him or her and give it their best.



I think it is important to pick a topic that is important or interesting to the speaker because it is hard to give a speech on a topic that you have no inspiration towards. When you are not passionate about something you won’t give it you’re all. The speech will suffer and it will show.

Some ways to choose a speech topic are by brainstorming and clustering as mentioned in our textbook. In addition, you can use the three criteria listed in our textbook as well:

“1. Is it a topic you are interested in and know something about?

2. Does the topic meet the criteria specified in the assignment?

3. Is it a topic that your audience will find worthwhile?”

O’Hair, D., & Wiemann, M. (2013). Preparing and Researching Presentations. In Loose-leaf Version for Communication and You: An Introduction (p. 244). Boston, MA: Bedford/St. Martin’s.

I find a story, quote, or a question to be interesting beginnings of speeches. A story can be helpful in creating a visual for your speech. Quotes can give your speech real life experience and a question is a good way to get the audience engaged.

What makes a speech memorable is a powerful conclusion because most of the time that is all the audience will remember.  Using several techniques mentioned in the introduction of a speech section of the textbook like quotations, statements, questions, and a final story for the conclusion as well.


I think picking an interesting topic to the speaker really sets the tone. When we decide to speak on something we find interesting we simply put more effort into it. The topic can be something we are passionate about or something we are really curious about.

When choosing a speech topic it’s important to think about what the speech is for. Who might be the audience? It’s also important to find something interesting that may not be just interesting to yourself but your audience. Picking something that is relevant is also something to consider.

When I consider an interesting beginning to speeches, I like to hear about personal stories. Maybe something the speaker has had happen to them that is relevant to the topic or what may have led them to the topic. Personal experiences are great ways to better acquaint yourself with the audience. To be memorable a great speech may introduce new information or facts to the audience that aren’t well known. Something not many people have heard.



I believe there are several factors on why people plagiarize. Two of the top reasons are waiting last minute to complete the assignment and from pure laziness. Some people think it’s so hard to come up with your own words. It in fact can be hard, but that is where quotations, summaries, and paraphrasing comes to the rescue. The whole paper shouldn’t be full of quotations but they should be of use to help guide you in thought and to help you prove a point.

Based on the video from Editage, it is very possible to have accidental plagiarism. Let’s say you a re paraphrasing someone else’s thought but you only change a few words, that is still plagiarism. Or if you put the resource on the resource page of your paper, but do not place the writer’s name next to the quote, that can trigger plagiarism. To make sure you give the proper credit to the original writer’s, you much use quotations, reference there name next to the quote, don’t use exact words when paraphrasing, and always placing the resource on the reference page.

There are online resources such as www.apastyle.org and www.owl.purdue.eduthat will show you how to reference your paper. Turnitin.com also is way that instructor’s can see that you have plagiarized. There are so many resources online. I mean google can be your best friend.


I think some people plagiarize because they find them selves in tremendous amounts of pressure and believe they can get away with it. This tends to happen because of poor time management and organization skills. Others just don’t care enough or are too lazy.

There is such thing as accidental plagiarism but it is still plagiarism. It can happen easily by not taking proper notes, you can confuse what’s not written by you by what is simply by forgetting to add quotation marks for phrases that have been taken verbatim.

The steps you can take to ensure that you provide proper credit for resources in all your written and oral communication is taking accurate notes. This way you stay organized. The textbook has a reading about using index cards to keep track of references separately. You can also keep a running bibliography which is a list of resources you have used.

Online resources that are most valuable for understanding- and avoiding -plagiarism are Vericite and Plagscan which are plagiarism detection software. Kind of like our school uses Turnitin. Websites that I found helpful were:

Avoiding Plagiarism. (2019, June 12). Retrieved from https://www.extension.harvard.edu/resources-policies/resources/avoiding-plagiarism

Cleary, M. (2017, November 27). Top 10 reasons students plagiarize & what teachers can do about it (with apologies to David Letterman). Retrieved from https://www.kappanonline.org/cleary-top-10-reasons-students-plagiarize/

Khepler, & Aggleton, S. (2015, March 31). Resources to Help You Better Understand and Avoid Plagiarism — Rock Ethics Institute. Retrieved from https://rockethics.psu.edu/everyday-ethics/resources-to-help-you-better-understand-and-avoid-plagiarism



Thank you for your thoughtful post, Jen.  You do a great job discussing preoperational stage of development, as purposed by Piaget.  The following links provide further, detailed characteristics of this stage, as well as appropriate learning activities/focuses for children who are in this developmental stage.  After perusing two or more sites, please share with me specific traits of this stage and five activities/focus areas that can help children develop.








How would you differentiate between achievement tests and assessments?  In what way are they similar and in what ways are they different.  Is the information/results useful for different purposes or do you feel one is more appropriate to ECE?

I like that you point out that assessment allows teachers and parents to meet each child where they are, and then be able to assist them into developing the skills that need to built.  In addition, you do well pointing out the connection between assessment results and utilizing various teaching strategies in order to meet and reach the needs of each child.  Nicely said.

Week 8 MGT


Over the past few weeks, I have had a life-changing accident. I had a few toes partially severed on my right foot from a lawnmower!       I won’t get into all the gory details, but I will say that I wouldn’t wish something like this to happen even to my worst enemy, and I don’t even know who that person might be? Anyway; my complaint is with our countries healthcare system and how the almighty dollar is what seems to be the underlying motivator for whether or not people are treated well or else just left to fend for themselves! I do not have health insurance, and I have really never needed it except for when I broke my leg when I was about 14 years old. Wait I also had a few asthma attacks in my early 20’s in part due to living with a cat in my home, I’m highly allergic and cats don’t live here with me anymore. Other than that my only real need for health insurance happened on June 22nd the day of my accident. My beef with our quality of medical care here in Florida is this. In Minnesota where I am from, we have a health insurance program called Minnesotacare. Your premiums every month are based on your income. If you make less than a few thousand dollars a month than your monthly premium is only about 30 to 50 a month. This is real health insurance! Florida; on the other hand, does not have didley squat for low-income people, unless your handicapped, or age 65 or older, then you can get either Medicaid or Medicare. I’m not sure why, but when I arrived in the emergency room under severe distress as I’m sure you can imagine, the thing that seems to be of utmost importance to them is getting information about who my insurance carrier is! WOW, is that the way the game is played nowadays? Somebody may be on death’s door, but let’s hurry up and get right to the point and start talking about whether or not they have health insurance! Wow, that is really pathetic if you ask me! By the way, Once I told them that I did not have health insurance, I was transferred to a hospital over 40 miles farther away from the area where I live. They say it’s because they were not a hospital that specialized in trauma. The reason I question that is that when I arrived at the second hospital they decided that I was inoperable. They took a picture of my toes and sent it to a specialist that made that determination. Well my question is, why then didn’t the first hospital I went to do the same thing, take a picture of the damage and sent it to the second hospital, so they could have said the same thing they told me in person, that it was inoperable, in which case I would say: Why are you trying to send me to a hospital forty miles out of the way, when they are not going to do anything more than what this hospital will do, which is, give me lots of morphine to kill the pain, and stitch up what can be repaired. As far as I’m concerned, the point of this discussion is, don’t shuffle victims off to anywhere else but here, for fear of having to deal with an uninsured patient. They sent me to another county!!! WOW, that is messed up! I saw a special on 60 minutes years ago that was about situations exactly like the one I just went through. I have a whole lot more to share but I’m exhausted, so I guess we will leave it at this for now.

Hello Michelle,

 I know that today’s highly sophisticated power generators are becoming so popular that not only do big businesses have them as a back up in case of  power outages, now the residential market is becoming more and more saturated as well, and don’t be surprised if a few wealthy people you and I may already know don’t already have one planted in their back yard. I’m not sure if they’re a long term solution for electricity on demand but I know they can last for many days without a problem. Hospitals have them and so do many other big businesses such as IT departments, & Data Storage facilities, sports arena’s, actually the list is virtually endless there are millions of generators standing by around the world, waiting for the electric to go out somewhere so they can crank up and serve their purpose.


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