what is a ceo

Executive Summary: The CEO is busy working to hold off the media while you help ensure the messages will restore trust with your target audiences. The CEO wants you to review the drafted messages and evaluate each message for its effectiveness in communicating the actions the company will take to improve product safety and quickly restore trust with customers and employees. The messages are planned to be sent out as soon as possible, so the CEO is asking you to write an executive summary based on your evaluation. In your summary, address the following:

  • Identify Audiences: Describe each target audience using the appropriate metrics. Consider which information is relevant in communicating with the target audience and achieving the project goal.
  • Assess Message Content: Assess the effectiveness of the content of each message for each target audience. Address the following for each message in your evaluation:
    • Does the content of the messages inform each target audience of the company’s proposed solution?
    • Does the content of the messages align with each target audiences’ values, interests, and lifestyle?
  • Assess Delivery Method: Assess the effectiveness of the delivery method for each message for each target audience. Address the following in your evaluation:
    • Does the message reach the target audiences within the intended time frame?
    • Why are the delivery methods appropriate or inappropriate for each target audience?
  • Determine an Additional Measure:Consider your target audiences and the project goal to determine an appropriate measure of effectiveness in addition to message content and delivery method. Support your measure of effectiveness with two considerations that will guide your evaluation of each message.
  • Assess Additional Measure: Assess each message for each target audience using the additional measure of effectiveness you identified.
  • Support Your Reasoning: Explain your reasoning for your analysis of each message using the three measures of effectiveness. Specifically, include which aspects of each message are effective or ineffective for each target audience, and discuss the target-audience metrics that led you to the conclusions in your evaluation.


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