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Why We Cheat In School
Different people defines cheating in innumerable ways to justify themselves but cheating can simply be termed as an act of dishonesty aimed at gaining an undeserved reward. However, it is alleged that there is always a reason behind every cheating instance and some cheat to save themselves from awful things in life. Cheating has been taken like something acceptable in today’s society and this can range from the time one is young, schooling and even at work place making it grim to understand the kind of society we are at, and therefore this paper tends to look at the reason behind what makes us cheat in school.
According to research, cheating has been like a custom that belong to certain people. It has also been like a saying that all what we believe is not a lie it’s not, and some people believe that they are who they are today simply because they cheated in one way or another. (George, 2012). Subsequently, the trend has been the same to our schools. There are numerous reasons that makes us cheat in school. For instance, we are living in a world full of technology and one does not feel like working hard to achieve something and on the other hand it’s not necessarily to work hand to achieve your dreams since cheating is there (Richard W & Andrew W, pp. 10).
There are major reasons that makes us to cheat in this case “the fear of loss”. Losing something that one have taken your times and the only way to have it is by telling a lie, I would rather believe in it termed it as the truth as stated by (George, 2012) to save myself from it. I will cheat if am being faced with the potential of being discontinued from school if I fail my exams. For instance, I remember the past semester, when I attended a social function during exam week, I did not have enough time to prepare for the exam yet I had the fear of being discontinued. Due to this, I had to cheat out of desperation as I could not afford being discontinued and all my time and fees paid become a waste.

Tolerance and Observation of cheating behaviour is another factor that gears cheating in school. Consequently, one is triggered to cheat in an exam if during the first cheating instance one went scot free. Moreover, the more one is around people whose cheating behavior are not limited or punished, then the more likely one becomes. Malgorzata Weremko and Agata Blanc-Nio, who are social psychologist, in their 2011 research established that students were more likely to cheat in the presence of a student who is cheating. It’s not easy for one to hold back from cheating at such a scenario where one have to remain competitive. It’s this social contagion that helps explain the high cheating phenomena that display itself in groups of people.
In conclusion, of all the causes of cheating, “the two major ones are the observation of cheating and fear of loss” (Yu, pp. 556). If I cheat, and I don’t face any consequences, then there are high chances of me cheating again in the future. Also, if I am under pressure to perform, there is a high likelihood of me to cheat especially if I reflect on the consequences of not performing as per to the expectations. Therefore, to curb the vice, our teachers should emphasise on the virtue of honesty within ourselves. As students we should also take time and prepare in advance for the tests. On the other hand society should as well be truthful to the new generation and show them the way not to believe in cheating.

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