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The purpose of the assignment is for the student to gain an understanding and analyze how one’s spiritual path impacts the life one leads, how decisions are made and how problems are solved or not.The student does not necessarily have to be religious to write the autobiography.This assignment is to give students an opportunity to share how their journey lead them to where they are today and finding a significance of applying a spiritually sensitive practice in their future career as social work practitioners.
My own spiritual journey.

Describe your religious upbringing. How was religion “done” in your house? At what age do you remember feeling religion was important to you? Has there been a change on how religion is “done” in your current home?Why?
Was there a particular person who motivated, encouraged or instilled religion in your life?How?
How important is religion in your life at this time – why?

4) Are there particular teachings/beliefs of your religion that you agree/strongly disagree with-why?
5) In your journey towards adulthood, were there any moments in your life, (religious practices, family, illness, death of a loved one, etc) that you view as important in your spiritual journey or interfered in your journey?
6) At this stage of your life do you find any particular spiritual practices helpful?Do you engage in any spiritual practice on a regular basis?
7) Considering the different manifestations of spirituality, is/are there any manifestations your currently find yourself in?Describe how it applies to your life?
8) As discussed in class about Client and Mystery – was there a time you can recall using this manifestation that helped you cope with a crisis, change or situation in your life?How?
9) Conclusion:Is there something in the area of spirituality discussed in chapter 1 you would like to strengthen or explore?Why?
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